Monday, July 15, 2013

Tremonton Utah

What an interesting day. This morning i wake up in walmart side grass lot in Bozeman near construction on the closest exit so i walk a bit through Bozeman to the next exit down that happens to have a rest area just off the highway that has wifi. While there i get kicked a 20 so i decide hey i have been very conservative with money lately maybe i should spoil myself a bit (especially after the walk there) so i go to the local coffee shop nearby and got a Good coffee and sat and drank it there. Then i get one to go and head to the highway on-ramp. Get on the highway just past the ramp and sit there about 45 minutes to an hour when this semi stops. Of course I have seen this happen before where they stop to do a quick check on their truck so i watch to see if any signs that he is there for me. He starts backing up slowly basically saying that yes it is my ride out. So when i get to the door guess what, it is none other than Roger from Way Station Cafe in the rainbow gathering. Well holy crap. Anyways we had a great chat and he brought me all the way to Tremonton Utah many many miles closer to my destination of Eugene/Springfield Oregon.  So now I am here almost sunset but very much closer in a small chill town relaxing and happy and also many miles away from the mass of hitchhikers coming from the rainbow so a much easier time getting rides is ahead. Definitely good luck and meant to be if you ask me, i mean what is the general likelihood of me running into him of all places after a gathering. The best part is, and my daughter should be proud and very happy about this, what he recognized on the highway wasn't so much me but Ixel my raccoon backpack my daughter gave me for fathers day that you have all seen in my pics and vids from time to time.

Funny how when you just let things flow and help others how things just seem to work out right. What a long strange and fun trip so far lets see what happens tomorrow now :)

Having Fun and making friends

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