Thursday, July 18, 2013


So yesterday a caught a ride over 400 miles from Caldwell just outside Boise to here in Portland. Interesting city Portland. Like the max electric train. Saved me some major hitch time on the highway getting to I-5 from I-205. At current using a broken power box to charge my phone. Looks like they lock them normally here. Anyway here soon I am walking on down to the 5 to head toward Eugene. Hopefully i make it before or at least by noon so as to meet up with a wonderful lady at her work and have a roof over my head for a short while (who knows how long) have to say it's nice out here for sure. Some dirty looks here and there cause a huge backpack but nothing new there. Well that's it for now back to you all later.

Update: Portland sucks to leave. No on ramps to I5 south (been a few north) anywhere and have to walk through the fang thing. Should have busked up 5 for the bus. Will know next time for sure. Stay out of Portland unless you're going to Portland or have a ride of some sort. On a plus about halfway through my walk i ran across someone else i meet at rainbow. Shared treats and he had me sign his pack. That part was great, so it happened for a reason but ugh this walk sucks. Looks like i might make it tomorrow instead of today unless i get super lucky but hey that's how it is some days. Have some great pictures at least.
Laters all

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