Thursday, February 26, 2015

And the update

So things are going good for me. got to talk to my baby girl lately and boy were we both so happy about that. also here in 2 months I will (pretty sure, like 98% sure) have a place and good work. now that doesn't mean i will stop my travels, oh contrare, this actually will help me with my travels and help me fund them. also this will let me finalize all the crap back in fort waste and get me out from under it all.

Outside of that, been making many acquaintances out here and a few friends. and i don't think one of them has a boring story about how they got into their situation. one of these times i will have to record some down so my horrible memory doesn't have to try and work overtime to share with you all.

The Busking here isn't great but its not horrible, Seattle has always been an interesting place when it comes to the sign you use, it seems if you don't state what exactly you are looking for sometimes they have no clue what to give and give nothing.  Today I added a sign that had 3 things i pretty much need and 1 want and not to long i had all 4. Coffee, Food, Ferry Ticket (Bremerton) on the needs and phone card on the wants, can use wifi while getting coffee so this went in the wants list. took less then an hour to get the needs and while getting coffee the wants list got taken care of.

Thank you all who follow my either on twitter, facebook, here on Blogger, and/or Google +, as well as those who have found my blog outside those outlets. Thank you all without you there would be no point in me sharing this all.

Photo grenade. (massive picture post)

So i am posting the pics i have yet to post here. many of these are on my FB page so you may have seen them but for those who don't use FB here we go.. *pulls pin*

And Boooom!

(*Disclaimer - No real grenades were used in the posting of this blog article, only pictures. Nothing was damaged nor was any explosions used, i used the term figuratively. Thank you :P *)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

2481 page views

almost to 2500 views of my blog. Thank you all, when i started this i didn't think i would have s many interested in my journey. now that is views not individual people but still not bad in my opinion for a little over a year and a half of taking pictures, videos and just generally ranting.

Thank you all

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