Thursday, July 3, 2014

So about Busking fire

So every time I go out and do my thing I always get asked "can you do that on fire?".
The answer to this question is yes I can, however i don't have the materials at current to make a fire set and i can not do it in public spaces without a permit and extra Fire safety gear (fire extinguishers, fire dept. on hand, et al). Private parties/property However i am allowed to spin fire with no restrictions.

The materials part isn't to hard to Obtain as i found a site that sells just what i need. What i need is approx 10ft of 2 inch wide Kevlar/Fiberglass Wick and a spool of Kevlar thread, as well as fuel. The Kevlar wick and thread I have found at (not paid to promote I post that on my own)and overall should cost around $35 or so. $1.70 per ft of the wick ($17) and $10 for spool of kevlar thread plus shipping.

so there you go and hey maybe one of you might want to help me get the materials to spin fire and i can possibly come do a Private Party or just come entertain you.

Busking near Living Fort Wayne Free Concert

Traffic was horribly low but it was a Wednesday so that's not a huge surprise.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Busking at Ribfest Downtown Fort Wayne

Was at ribfest busking in Headwaters Park Downtown fort wayne. even got recorded by PBS TV 39 though don't know when it aired or airs. heres from my glasses cam while busking. keep forgetting the lens is basically on my forehead so didn't get a great shot of me spinning my sticks