Thursday, January 29, 2015

So this guy needs some help (ENDED)

Help This Homeless Guy replace his stolen gear
So the other night it was rainy as it normally gets here in Seattle. Me i have no problem dealing with rainy situations tarp et al. but this older gent that has been on the streets for a while and still has at least 9 months left before housing can help him, went looking for a dryer spot to sleep. all he had was 2 small blankets his pack with clothes, hygiene products, few other supplies (coffee, snacks et al) and some cardboard, so he wasn't prepared for sleeping without cover int he park like I.

This ended up bad for him. He went to an area he normally doesn't go to sleep at, and while he slept his pack with all his stuff besides his blankets was stolen.. This post is a call for those who follow my blog to help this guy out. will post receipts and the gear when it is purchased with donated funds, and keep you updated. like i said any help is appreciated and please share this. the faster the better for this man since he is out here with just his blankets in a trash bag now.

Thank you
Traveler Stiks

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Morning all

morning all.
well yesterday had to busk up diner and tobacco (in the rain mind you) and actually got told i should get a real job by this young (maybe 20) kid. man all i could do is laugh at him. even had to stop busking. he looked at me funny cause i was laughing and walked away in a hurry. What i found so funny was that at his age he has no clue what a real job is and will probably be out on the streets in about 5-10 years wishing he had some skill to fall back on like I do.

Besides that did ok only about 3 an hour hitting the ferry terminal walkway so that took me 3 hours for my needs and wants (about 7 for food and 2 for bag of tobacco = 9). thats 6 ferry unloads (3 bremerton 3 bainbridge). yeah should have made more quicker but mid week and all. on the plus people are getting used to seeing me and realize i am living on the streets and not just pretending so they are being more open with me and their wallets. overall not to bad second week. and coming up is superbowl sunday. Time for money and fun, hells yeah.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not much new

Well im here. started hanging back in Waterfront Park now that i know it isn't shut down. Waiting for my Road dog to arrive (about a week) but until then been hanging out with another old traveler. already taught him some new tricks lol. love doing that. but yeah semi- un-eventful. next week though this city is going to blow up one way or another with the Seahawks at the Super Bowl. Got my markers and sticks all ready to make some money that night. 1 week away. Any ways still here, eating good fresh seafood, and enjoying good coffee. you know it is a pain to find cheap junk food here (mcDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, et al.) its all healthy, fresh caught, or expensive. (6 bucks at least for small meal many places). well time to get off here for a bit Have a great Sunday and an awesome weEk all and keep following me here at as well as on facebook page Hitching Stiks, and twitter (though i don't update twitter much) @TravelerStiks

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Well i Went to seattle

yeah i know not much warning but had a chance for work so Seattle bound it was. Cant let the house situation keep me stuck and broke and ridiculously homeless saying i have a house. any ways here is some video updates for you all. this time my Facebook side fans got the scoop first though...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

On road in seattle

well i am back on the road again. in seattle at the current mainly cause of waiting work (trim) but man i really needed out of the waste. dealing with estate probate is something i never want to do again next time just let it all go natural through. any way here in seattle it seems dead. quick update on how all this got here since it has been a bit.

Started off back in 2013 Was losing my mind living with my dad (off of more like it since work was hard to find) so i hit the road hitching across country in effort to find a place to get back on my feet. Well during all this i ended up geting the offer i wanted, just had to go to seattle area. got there and was starting the work of setting it all up when my Dads health declined fast (was declining but he was hiding it from me while i was traveling) so i ended up going back there to resume helping him with the intent of returning when he got better. well he never really got better, caught pneumonia recovered from that and then had a stroke that knocked him down for good. May 19 2014 as i was getting ready to hitch to my daughters birthday on the 22nd the old man passed. Well he had a will that left everything to me (including executor of estate) and no lawyer in control of this (don't do this people please) has been a hassle since. Well not having work and most the money being eaten by the funeral (all of it) that left me my fall back of Busking, this does not pay the bills in fort wayne indiana i assure you, so eventually lights and gas cut off. well the guy down the street from the house wanted to under-price by the house by an unacceptable level and offer me 5k (started off 10k that i might have accepted) on a 56k house. since i wouldn't sell and city code requires all utilities for a residence he decided to use that to basically boot me from my own place. had the law and city code come one day and basically tell e i couldn't stay there but could only be there between 8am and technically 8pm though the code guy said for sure by 6pm and if i violated that the house would have a condemned sign placed upon it and any occupancy charged with trespass. so that made it where my only option would be live on streets. so for the last 3-5 months (stopped keeping track after week 1) that has been my home, the streets of Fort Wayne.well the work offer is still here in seattle and i figure i have been stuck long enough (sept. 2013 - jan 2015) and it was time to get back out here. Luckily due to my busking location choices i met and awesome family lawyer named Neil and through the time he decided to help me out to get out here (it was i hitch or wait extra time for trustees to do their thing, or him get my dirty dog ticket). so here i am waiting to get that last bit set up where i get to go back to the waste AGAIN and finish off this crap. at least this time though will be my last time forced back into the waste probably around march to sell off the property finally. thank you Neil Hayes, you have to be one of the mosy awesome lawyers i have ever me and you generally bring my faith back into humanity btw. And everyboby Prayers and positive energy out to Lucy, Neils puppy dog who has cancer surgery coming up very soon

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