Thursday, January 29, 2015

So this guy needs some help (ENDED)

Help This Homeless Guy replace his stolen gear
So the other night it was rainy as it normally gets here in Seattle. Me i have no problem dealing with rainy situations tarp et al. but this older gent that has been on the streets for a while and still has at least 9 months left before housing can help him, went looking for a dryer spot to sleep. all he had was 2 small blankets his pack with clothes, hygiene products, few other supplies (coffee, snacks et al) and some cardboard, so he wasn't prepared for sleeping without cover int he park like I.

This ended up bad for him. He went to an area he normally doesn't go to sleep at, and while he slept his pack with all his stuff besides his blankets was stolen.. This post is a call for those who follow my blog to help this guy out. will post receipts and the gear when it is purchased with donated funds, and keep you updated. like i said any help is appreciated and please share this. the faster the better for this man since he is out here with just his blankets in a trash bag now.

Thank you
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