Friday, December 27, 2013

WaIting on scooter should arrive today

So my Bergman 400 arrives today, already on its way here from Illinois.
Vid is me showing some of my gear off like my gloves helmet and radio.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy holidays and merry Christmas

Going stir crazy living in a house but merry Christmas and happy holidays all

Saturday, December 21, 2013

No Longer Hitching

Now I'm scooting On an '04 Suzuki Burgman 400 :) yay no longer waiting for a ride.
All sorts of new journeys ahead as well as pictures and videos, some recorded right on the highways and backroads as i cruise along. Hope to hear from you all. Also linked up with my Google+ account now and have a google+ comment posting area.

Thank you all for following my journeys so far and expect many more in the future YAAAAY

Sunday, December 15, 2013

1.5k unique Page views

Yaaay so we have hit 1.5k unique page views just a few moments ago. thank you all for following me so far and I still have more to come

GoFundMe Account to help me get teeth fixed

So i have been dealing with this issue for 16 years now and it is steadily getting worse. My teeth are screwed all to hell and i need everyone of them pulled, this is not a cheap thing to have done and all estimates are around 3.5k or more. So to help me on this I have started a GoFundMe Account. the link is on the right and also in this post at the bottom.

Please anyone willing to help me with this if you could possibly donate something it would be much appreciated.

Thank you so Much Stiks
Traveler Stiks Fix My Teeth GoFundMe

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Missing the road

So been a few months so far here and i a m really starting to miss the road. Cold as heck here but that don't matter. At least for the most things have calmed down here so i can focus on whats needed and try to keep from going stir crazy, definitely not made to be a housie for any period of time, to much time to think with not enough stuff to actually do. kind of like a stagnant pond, it can look nice and all but really it just stinks. well sometime here this winter i dont care how cold it is im going Camping for a weekend or so cause i need to. a few days out in bfe will do me some good.

Friday, October 11, 2013

How is everyone

Hey all. still here doing the housie thing. not much has changed. man i can't wit to get back out on the road again. this housie life is to cramped for me. But hey still alive and breathing so there's still the chance to get back out there. hoping to find something to do while I'm here besides the same ole same old. one thing i am definitely still working on is getting a vehicle, preferably a motorcycle even if i can't use it in the winter. also soon will be looking for possible gear sponsors for my next trip this coming year. even if what i ahve is good gear would like to find something lighter or more convenient than what I had my last trip out. Although if i have a vehicle that isn't as much of a problem. Either way still cant wait. Well thank you all for following me so far and spread the word of my blog if you would the more i have reading the better and i still will not use the google ads to try and make money even though I could, just wouldn't be fair to you all out there.

Well have fun and take care. feel free to contact me any time in the FB chat section below or at my facebook side of this blog would love to hear opinions and anything in general from you all.

Peace and Love all

Monday, September 30, 2013

another quick update

still here, still breathing. that being said living in one spot is a pretty boring thing to do. though soon maybe i will have a motorcycle (i know winters coming but so what) so i will be able to have adventures again soon, even if only a week or 2 at a time.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

still here

still here things seem ok for the time being. the old man still worries and the events that happened recently weigh very heavy on his mind keeping him up at night a lot. really just wish this had not happened to begin with though.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's up since i got back to my dad's in Fort Wayne

So if anything happens and i so posting you all know to contact local authorities here and who to tell them to look towards.

On a side note I have a job as a web design consultant now. It's commission work but hey work is work.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Quick review of GSI Outdoors ultralight drip coffee maker

Well while at the rainbow gathering I got kicked an ultralight coffee maker for backpackers by a GSI representative that was out there giving out products.

This coffee maker is great for any backpacker that needs to stay as light as possible but also needs their morning java.

As you see it has a super simple design. All you have to do is clip it to the top of your cup, put your coffee in the cloth basket, pour hot water over the grounds, and viola nice hot cup of coffee to start your day. The grounds you can throw out as trash or compost then you just rinse the filter off and let it dry.

Let me tell you from experience this thing is very durable. Used it almost every day out on the road (thanks for the free hot water Starbucks) and was not careful at all in its packing, yet even now it still brews a great cup with no damage at all to it. Overall a very useful item. Oh almost forgot, you can also make tea with it though I don't drink tea often enough to have made any with this filter yet.

Grade rank (out of 10)
Quality of materials 10/10
Durability 10/10
Usefulness 10/10
Weight 10/10

Every coffee drinking backpacker should have one of these. Better even then a French Press type coffee cup.

So that's my review if interested in one you can check em out at

Hi again

So, been in Fort Wayne a few days and i figure i would give a quick update. First when I got back here my dresser and anything left in it were thrown out by my protein donor and then she brought over a piece of crap bigoted wife beating klannie to threaten my life the same day I got back. Anyways not really worried, he may be psychotic but his ego will be his own downfall well that and karma. Can't run from karma forever. But anyway looks like I will only be able to take short term journeys for a bit since while I was gone my dads health got worse till I got back here. I guess for the most part all he was eating was canned food filled with salt and only maybe 1 or 2 good homemade meals a month. That tells me that so far I'm the only one who knows how to take proper care of his food needs. Maybe by next May I can find someone I can trust to cook for him right so when I get back from that journey he won't look hollow pale and underfed like he did this time. And yes I was pretty pissed about that when I got back here. My plan is still to open a coffee shop in Colorado just looks like it's going to take me a while before that will be possible.

But anyways, during my winter time here I am hoping to work on maybe getting sponsors that may hopefully supply some light weight gear to review before/during my next journey around the states. Heck I might even do some winter camping here just to stay on top of my game as well as test some of my current gear.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Trip Summary

Well now that my first blogged journey has come to an end (for the most part) time to put these thoughts to type. On my journey i have met many people, some very kind others not so much. Some were on a journey to find themselves others were on a journey to lose themselves, but the one thing they all had in common was that they were on a journey heading somewhere. On my travels i have heard tales of greatness and nightmares that make the skin crawl. All were grateful to have someone to listen to their stories many brought to tears that someone would just take the time to listen.

There is plenty of good left out there despite what the main stream would have you believe. So many kind people that are willing to help out complete strangers without much of a thought as to how much they are actually touching others hearts. These are the heroes in today's world, a world where many believe caring and compassionate people no longer exist and that everyone has to be out for themselves, well i can tell everyone yes people who care are still out there, people with nothing willing to give anything, people with everything willing to do whats needed, and everyday people willing to give what they feel they can when they can. They all are heroes to someone.

To all my friends out there still on your road, be safe and take care of yourselves and each other we are all part of the human family we should treat each other that way. Love you all be back out there soon.

Stiks bunkering for winter
Will be posting soon

Sunday, August 25, 2013

On the road but this time bus

So in back on the road but this time via bus back to Fort Wayne. Sitting in Billings Mt. at the current waiting for my next bus. Got the rest of tonight and all of tomorrow on the bus then get in the Waste around 3:30am woo-hoo. Well this journey is coming to a close but my journeys aren't over. Will post my summary of this journey and keep you updated on my next journeys plans as I make them this winter then next spring back out on the road for more adventures.
Peace all

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last night in Seattle then back to the waste

Well I wasn't wanting to head back to Fort Wayne it looks like that's what i am doing. Winter is heading in soon and with the fires and bear attacks in Colorado i think i will wait till next spring to start my journey again.

Still going to keep updating my blog often and keep you all updated on what is going on in my life and my travels around the country. Maybe by next spring i can pick up some gear sponsors or something to make things lighter and more manageable.

One more thing i need though. I need a can of sterno for my can cooker, candles burn up too fast from the reflective heat of the bottom of the can i am cooking in. Sterno would just work wonderfully.

Seattle from space needle to repair port

Full panoramic of the Seattle skyline from the ferry to Bremerton
Taken with Photaf for Android

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Waterfront Park. My home in Seattle

Well here's my home while I stayed in Seattle. Nice and chill right on the water

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last day of hempfest

Sat jamming out to all sorts of great music today. Even got Hed PE's autograph on denim patch material. Was a good day now to prepare to move on and figure out where I'm going next. Hmmm

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hempfest Seattle

Sitting at hempfest in Seattle near 420 stage listening to some chill music and having some fun. Hope to meet some travelers here from my journey so far either way enjoying it for now.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New candle cooker finished while camping in bfe

Well just finished making my candle cooker. Was going to be a cardboard stove but needing a no smoke cook source I decided on candle instead. It pretty freaking nice if i say so myself.

Yes that glow is a candle burning as i cook my lunch. Can of chilli mmmm. Wasn't hard to make. Now all i need is more candles, preferably multi wick (cooks faster) about the size of soup cans or just a little smaller.. Well figured i would show you that interesting contraption i came up with out here. BTW I am out in the middle of nowhere state forest camping it out for a few days to get away from some of the Seattle drama for a few. Will be back in Seattle for hempfest for sure. Probably the 13th or 14th. Hope to see some of you there if you know me from here or elsewhere give me a shout out. Well more updates to come from me and Ixel out here on the road. I really needed this for sure to realign myself after the last 11 or so years of crap. I thank you all for joining me and giving me many hits, the more the better. Feel free to promote me and share with your friends.

Or as a spange sign would put it

Anything Helps
Thank You

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pictures of Seattle Wa.

Some pictures of a very interesting city Seattle.

On the way in

Gum wall

Seattle in general

Space Needle

Been an interesting trip so far definitely. Wish I had my daughter with me she would love it. But not able to travel this way with a kid and wouldn't want to anyways. Maybe next year I'll have the gear (camper, vehicle, income, et al.) And her mom will stop some of the bull crap so I can show her the many awesome places her daddy has been.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

People and bag watching in Seattle

So today consists of sitting watching bags and people on the pier. Not bad for a day. Still staying out of local drama. Weather's nice too so all good today in Seattle. Just hope one of them brings me back some hot water and sugar. Mmmmmm coffee.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back to Bremerton

Back to Bremerton to hang with a buddy for the day

On my way into Seattle

Riding the ferry on my way into Seattle. Hung out with a local street kids for a few days then ran across some family in the area. Everything is going good here. Can't wait till hempfest. It's gonna be off the hook hell yeah. Anyone wanna join me? You can find me on the pier area near waterfront park or wandering around that area.
Later all here's a vid from my ride in...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

First time in Seattle

My first time in Seattle Washington. Interesting so far. But where do I choose to sit? China Town lol all the spangers are passing through here so maybe meet a few get the lay of the land. Interesting people here that's for sure

Monday, July 29, 2013

Stopped by chips in Portland

Not going back

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vancouver Washington here I am

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

Prepping for Saturday Street Market in Eugene

Well been working on improving my style with devil sticks for tomorrow at the Saturday Market in Eugene. If that don't work out I'm heading to Portland for a few days to busk up some money. Feel like I'm going stir crazy though having a roof over my head and no major plans at the current time.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First day in a while

Well today is the first day in a while I have no clue what to do really. I thought of going geocaching, still might but this is the first time I don't have to find a ride or try and busk some money or go around to different services to get things I need or scout places to sleep for the next night. It feels really weird. Anyway i guess some of my messaging on my blog needs updated and is giving script errors. Right now not to much I can do till I get access to a computer that isn't a phone but until then I guess try leaving comments in the actual articles like this one or on the Facebook page itself . I will get to it as soon as I get the chance. Well laters all and chat with ya soon

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More photos

Didn't get all the photos uploaded so here are the rest. May have duplicates though

Portland Oregon.

And my constant companions so far on my journey. They always seem to show up right before things go really good :)

Now a foodie.

Well i finally did it. I went and applied for food stamps here in Oregon. No where near the hoops they make you jump through in Indiana, part of the reason I didn't apply in Indiana. So for the next 6 months minimum (1 year as long as i come back and pick up mail in January) i got food no problems. Today I go and get some bus tokens and check on other local services. And the girl who has been letting me stay at her place has been awesome. If i want i have a mattress i can use and the fridge being open to me helps though i can now replace what i consume so as not to annoy anyone.

Still debating if i want to try and make hemp fest in Washington or not. I'm thinking I do but need to save up some busk money to make sure I don't get stuck like I did in Portland. Also if I ever go to Portland again I am making sure i have at least 30 saved up for the bus out of there.

Well I'm signing off for now catch you all later and have a good day or night wherever you are

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

Photos of trip so far

Yep that time again. Mass photo upload

Leaving Portland tonight

So I got some money sent and got a bus ticket out of Portland heading for Eugene. Yay getting to leave. Wasn't too bad just not coming back unless i have way out and no backpack on ahead of time cause some people here are some major bull. Glad to be leaving though for sure. Here soon will post photos of my trip across Idaho and Oregon shortly now that i got decent web.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


So yesterday a caught a ride over 400 miles from Caldwell just outside Boise to here in Portland. Interesting city Portland. Like the max electric train. Saved me some major hitch time on the highway getting to I-5 from I-205. At current using a broken power box to charge my phone. Looks like they lock them normally here. Anyway here soon I am walking on down to the 5 to head toward Eugene. Hopefully i make it before or at least by noon so as to meet up with a wonderful lady at her work and have a roof over my head for a short while (who knows how long) have to say it's nice out here for sure. Some dirty looks here and there cause a huge backpack but nothing new there. Well that's it for now back to you all later.

Update: Portland sucks to leave. No on ramps to I5 south (been a few north) anywhere and have to walk through the fang thing. Should have busked up 5 for the bus. Will know next time for sure. Stay out of Portland unless you're going to Portland or have a ride of some sort. On a plus about halfway through my walk i ran across someone else i meet at rainbow. Shared treats and he had me sign his pack. That part was great, so it happened for a reason but ugh this walk sucks. Looks like i might make it tomorrow instead of today unless i get super lucky but hey that's how it is some days. Have some great pictures at least.
Laters all

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

High grass and snakes

Had a major reminder last night that i need to be careful of where i choose to sleep. Got all settled in in some high grass behind a truck stop here when while I'm laying there i here a familiar from long ago rattle. About 10 or 15 get from me in 2 directions are coiled and semi agitated rattle snake. Oh man that one for me nervous. Any ways ended up packing fast but carefully and moving to a spot with very little grass by the highway. Just a reminder to me that nature rules out here. Made it fine but phew.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tremonton Utah

What an interesting day. This morning i wake up in walmart side grass lot in Bozeman near construction on the closest exit so i walk a bit through Bozeman to the next exit down that happens to have a rest area just off the highway that has wifi. While there i get kicked a 20 so i decide hey i have been very conservative with money lately maybe i should spoil myself a bit (especially after the walk there) so i go to the local coffee shop nearby and got a Good coffee and sat and drank it there. Then i get one to go and head to the highway on-ramp. Get on the highway just past the ramp and sit there about 45 minutes to an hour when this semi stops. Of course I have seen this happen before where they stop to do a quick check on their truck so i watch to see if any signs that he is there for me. He starts backing up slowly basically saying that yes it is my ride out. So when i get to the door guess what, it is none other than Roger from Way Station Cafe in the rainbow gathering. Well holy crap. Anyways we had a great chat and he brought me all the way to Tremonton Utah many many miles closer to my destination of Eugene/Springfield Oregon.  So now I am here almost sunset but very much closer in a small chill town relaxing and happy and also many miles away from the mass of hitchhikers coming from the rainbow so a much easier time getting rides is ahead. Definitely good luck and meant to be if you ask me, i mean what is the general likelihood of me running into him of all places after a gathering. The best part is, and my daughter should be proud and very happy about this, what he recognized on the highway wasn't so much me but Ixel my raccoon backpack my daughter gave me for fathers day that you have all seen in my pics and vids from time to time.

Funny how when you just let things flow and help others how things just seem to work out right. What a long strange and fun trip so far lets see what happens tomorrow now :)

Having Fun and making friends

Great helpful friendly free cafe in Bozeman

Hi all. I would like to tell you all about this wonderful and friendly cafe in Bozeman Montana called the Community Cafe. Every day between 5 and 7 they serve free good tasting meals to anyone hungry that shows up. The only thing they ask in return is that people respect the place and others while there. During my time in Bozeman they saved me so much hassle trying to find a decent daily meal. If you are ever in Bozeman stop by and get a decent meal and be sure to thank these super kind folks, and if you need help finding any other services in the area they are always willing and helpful with that information as well.

About to head out to Oregon

Saturday, July 13, 2013

In Bozeman again

Well back in Bozeman again, had to make some money busking and in butte the cops were starting to harass the street kids no matter what they were doing. Also the job offer fell through. Think he was afraid of competition. Never got a chance to talk to his boss, he took off to fast.

But anyways tomorrow I head out to Seattle Washington for hemp fest. If I get there soon enough I can even get a temp job working at hemp fest. Hope all goes well, it should. At the moment just waiting for McDonalds in Walmart to open to get coffee

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Extremely tempting job offer

Well while sitting in McDonalds i just had a sales kid offer me a job doing door to door sales selling green multi cleaners. Offer includes nightly hotel room 50% commission on sales and travel to the states I am heading to anyways. After here they are going to Washington then to Oregon. Think I am going to go for it. At least i can get a shower, room, pay, and transportation to get where I was planning to go anyways

And another day in Butte.

Will in a debate at the moment. Do I hit the highway or wait for the folk music fest this weekend. It's a toss up at the moment though. Cops here are fearing 10,000 rainbow hippies are going to show up even though most went west already to other festivals in Oregon and Washington. Despite that cops are being dicks to anyone that looks like a street kid (backpack, dirty clothes, et al) regardlessly of if they are rainbow or not. Either way though it has been fun here. Day 3 and maybe be here another 2 so that makes 5 days in Butte. On the other side of the coin though i have made many new acquaintances out here and all have been super kind. But hey ever since I first started journeying hitching 13 years ago I have always heard it said that the streets look out for each other, the elderly, and children. Some of the best parents I have meet out here are dirty dready kids. Well that's it as far as I know today so this is Stiks signing out for now.
Later all

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hot day in Butte

Well still in Butte. Is a hot day today, a little to hot to sit by the highway so I'm spending my time at McDonald's in the AC drinking coffee using the Wi-Fi always fun. Maybe later tonight I will hop on the highway and work my way toward Bozeman but for now here I sit

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nice ride from Dillon to Butte

Hello again all. Out of Dillon now. Caught an awesomely sweet ride as well. A 58 Lincoln seafoam green. Oh it was nice. Didn't see that drunk again since last night's incident so all good there. Mostly been lazy today though. Even the nice ride was a miracle ride since i was napping under the shade of a tree. No matter what though it was an awesome well taken care of ride. Well off again to find a place to sleep tonight. Maybe by the highway again, I shall see.

Morning all

Morning all. Slept near the highway last night after a drunk dude tried to start a fight with me thinking i was someone else. I Really am getting tired of stupid drunks but he figured out with help I wasn't the kid he was looking for. Highway was pretty far of a walk from where he was so as to make sure i didn't get bothered in the night. Overall pretty good so far though. Had a nice couple ask about my travels then kick me a 20 for breakfast so double happy there. Now just to find a ride out of this town.

The gathering was great. Not as big as 13 years ago in 2000 but still decent sized. A lot more agro dramas though due to a change in attending generations. Now it is becoming less hippy and more gutter street punk. I miss the hippies was way more fun and enjoyable.

Met an awesome Utah kitchen while i was there. They were a great set of folks at the "Way Station Cafe" can't wait to get in touch with them again someday.

Well that's all for now off to get food and smokes then back to the highway I think.

Lovin you all friends and fans
Hitching Stiks

Monday, July 8, 2013

2 part vid from rainbow

Night vid from gathering

So far at the gathering

Been having a blast. Met quite a few street kids that I have been hanging out with here and there. Made it to the gathering after a little drama between my possible rides. Hopped out of All Bright's car to get here faster and get away from the drama makers.
Now that I'm here though things are awesome. Been to a few drum circles, found only a handful of the kitchens out here, and did a little trading. Got this cool shirt at trade circle, will post a picture of it on here with this post. It's the morning of the 28th so 4 days till the gathering technically starts but the party has already started for most. :)


Friday, June 21, 2013

Long but interesting trip. (Montana now)

Well right as i got in south Dakota after my last posting my cell service became non existent. Made it through no problems was kind of fun. Tell you this anyone who said busking (street performing) isn't work hasn't done it for 4 days straight just to keep moving.
Me and my ride (All Bright, his street name) are now in Bozeman Montana. Man this town is full of street kids, mostly rainbows heading to the gathering. But we are now part of a caravan heading into the gathering later today. It is as normal for a street crew a very eccentric bunch. Nice though to have all the good vibes around.

So soon I won't be near anything that gives an electronic signal out past Jackson Montana near the Idaho border so it will be about a month before i can post again. But when I do get back to the electric world oh yeah big dump of information and lots more pictures to be posted.

Here is a picture dump of South Dakota an Montana from after i lost signal though. Enjoy the beautiful sights.


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