Monday, September 30, 2013

another quick update

still here, still breathing. that being said living in one spot is a pretty boring thing to do. though soon maybe i will have a motorcycle (i know winters coming but so what) so i will be able to have adventures again soon, even if only a week or 2 at a time.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

still here

still here things seem ok for the time being. the old man still worries and the events that happened recently weigh very heavy on his mind keeping him up at night a lot. really just wish this had not happened to begin with though.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's up since i got back to my dad's in Fort Wayne

So if anything happens and i so posting you all know to contact local authorities here and who to tell them to look towards.

On a side note I have a job as a web design consultant now. It's commission work but hey work is work.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Quick review of GSI Outdoors ultralight drip coffee maker

Well while at the rainbow gathering I got kicked an ultralight coffee maker for backpackers by a GSI representative that was out there giving out products.

This coffee maker is great for any backpacker that needs to stay as light as possible but also needs their morning java.

As you see it has a super simple design. All you have to do is clip it to the top of your cup, put your coffee in the cloth basket, pour hot water over the grounds, and viola nice hot cup of coffee to start your day. The grounds you can throw out as trash or compost then you just rinse the filter off and let it dry.

Let me tell you from experience this thing is very durable. Used it almost every day out on the road (thanks for the free hot water Starbucks) and was not careful at all in its packing, yet even now it still brews a great cup with no damage at all to it. Overall a very useful item. Oh almost forgot, you can also make tea with it though I don't drink tea often enough to have made any with this filter yet.

Grade rank (out of 10)
Quality of materials 10/10
Durability 10/10
Usefulness 10/10
Weight 10/10

Every coffee drinking backpacker should have one of these. Better even then a French Press type coffee cup.

So that's my review if interested in one you can check em out at

Hi again

So, been in Fort Wayne a few days and i figure i would give a quick update. First when I got back here my dresser and anything left in it were thrown out by my protein donor and then she brought over a piece of crap bigoted wife beating klannie to threaten my life the same day I got back. Anyways not really worried, he may be psychotic but his ego will be his own downfall well that and karma. Can't run from karma forever. But anyway looks like I will only be able to take short term journeys for a bit since while I was gone my dads health got worse till I got back here. I guess for the most part all he was eating was canned food filled with salt and only maybe 1 or 2 good homemade meals a month. That tells me that so far I'm the only one who knows how to take proper care of his food needs. Maybe by next May I can find someone I can trust to cook for him right so when I get back from that journey he won't look hollow pale and underfed like he did this time. And yes I was pretty pissed about that when I got back here. My plan is still to open a coffee shop in Colorado just looks like it's going to take me a while before that will be possible.

But anyways, during my winter time here I am hoping to work on maybe getting sponsors that may hopefully supply some light weight gear to review before/during my next journey around the states. Heck I might even do some winter camping here just to stay on top of my game as well as test some of my current gear.

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