Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hi again

So, been in Fort Wayne a few days and i figure i would give a quick update. First when I got back here my dresser and anything left in it were thrown out by my protein donor and then she brought over a piece of crap bigoted wife beating klannie to threaten my life the same day I got back. Anyways not really worried, he may be psychotic but his ego will be his own downfall well that and karma. Can't run from karma forever. But anyway looks like I will only be able to take short term journeys for a bit since while I was gone my dads health got worse till I got back here. I guess for the most part all he was eating was canned food filled with salt and only maybe 1 or 2 good homemade meals a month. That tells me that so far I'm the only one who knows how to take proper care of his food needs. Maybe by next May I can find someone I can trust to cook for him right so when I get back from that journey he won't look hollow pale and underfed like he did this time. And yes I was pretty pissed about that when I got back here. My plan is still to open a coffee shop in Colorado just looks like it's going to take me a while before that will be possible.

But anyways, during my winter time here I am hoping to work on maybe getting sponsors that may hopefully supply some light weight gear to review before/during my next journey around the states. Heck I might even do some winter camping here just to stay on top of my game as well as test some of my current gear.

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