Saturday, August 31, 2013

Trip Summary

Well now that my first blogged journey has come to an end (for the most part) time to put these thoughts to type. On my journey i have met many people, some very kind others not so much. Some were on a journey to find themselves others were on a journey to lose themselves, but the one thing they all had in common was that they were on a journey heading somewhere. On my travels i have heard tales of greatness and nightmares that make the skin crawl. All were grateful to have someone to listen to their stories many brought to tears that someone would just take the time to listen.

There is plenty of good left out there despite what the main stream would have you believe. So many kind people that are willing to help out complete strangers without much of a thought as to how much they are actually touching others hearts. These are the heroes in today's world, a world where many believe caring and compassionate people no longer exist and that everyone has to be out for themselves, well i can tell everyone yes people who care are still out there, people with nothing willing to give anything, people with everything willing to do whats needed, and everyday people willing to give what they feel they can when they can. They all are heroes to someone.

To all my friends out there still on your road, be safe and take care of yourselves and each other we are all part of the human family we should treat each other that way. Love you all be back out there soon.

Stiks bunkering for winter
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