Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New candle cooker finished while camping in bfe

Well just finished making my candle cooker. Was going to be a cardboard stove but needing a no smoke cook source I decided on candle instead. It pretty freaking nice if i say so myself.

Yes that glow is a candle burning as i cook my lunch. Can of chilli mmmm. Wasn't hard to make. Now all i need is more candles, preferably multi wick (cooks faster) about the size of soup cans or just a little smaller.. Well figured i would show you that interesting contraption i came up with out here. BTW I am out in the middle of nowhere state forest camping it out for a few days to get away from some of the Seattle drama for a few. Will be back in Seattle for hempfest for sure. Probably the 13th or 14th. Hope to see some of you there if you know me from here or elsewhere give me a shout out. Well more updates to come from me and Ixel out here on the road. I really needed this for sure to realign myself after the last 11 or so years of crap. I thank you all for joining me and giving me many hits, the more the better. Feel free to promote me and share with your friends.

Or as a spange sign would put it

Anything Helps
Thank You

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