Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not much new

Well im here. started hanging back in Waterfront Park now that i know it isn't shut down. Waiting for my Road dog to arrive (about a week) but until then been hanging out with another old traveler. already taught him some new tricks lol. love doing that. but yeah semi- un-eventful. next week though this city is going to blow up one way or another with the Seahawks at the Super Bowl. Got my markers and sticks all ready to make some money that night. 1 week away. Any ways still here, eating good fresh seafood, and enjoying good coffee. you know it is a pain to find cheap junk food here (mcDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, et al.) its all healthy, fresh caught, or expensive. (6 bucks at least for small meal many places). well time to get off here for a bit Have a great Sunday and an awesome weEk all and keep following me here at as well as on facebook page Hitching Stiks, and twitter (though i don't update twitter much) @TravelerStiks

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