Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Morning all

morning all.
well yesterday had to busk up diner and tobacco (in the rain mind you) and actually got told i should get a real job by this young (maybe 20) kid. man all i could do is laugh at him. even had to stop busking. he looked at me funny cause i was laughing and walked away in a hurry. What i found so funny was that at his age he has no clue what a real job is and will probably be out on the streets in about 5-10 years wishing he had some skill to fall back on like I do.

Besides that did ok only about 3 an hour hitting the ferry terminal walkway so that took me 3 hours for my needs and wants (about 7 for food and 2 for bag of tobacco = 9). thats 6 ferry unloads (3 bremerton 3 bainbridge). yeah should have made more quicker but mid week and all. on the plus people are getting used to seeing me and realize i am living on the streets and not just pretending so they are being more open with me and their wallets. overall not to bad second week. and coming up is superbowl sunday. Time for money and fun, hells yeah.


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