Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Now a foodie.

Well i finally did it. I went and applied for food stamps here in Oregon. No where near the hoops they make you jump through in Indiana, part of the reason I didn't apply in Indiana. So for the next 6 months minimum (1 year as long as i come back and pick up mail in January) i got food no problems. Today I go and get some bus tokens and check on other local services. And the girl who has been letting me stay at her place has been awesome. If i want i have a mattress i can use and the fridge being open to me helps though i can now replace what i consume so as not to annoy anyone.

Still debating if i want to try and make hemp fest in Washington or not. I'm thinking I do but need to save up some busk money to make sure I don't get stuck like I did in Portland. Also if I ever go to Portland again I am making sure i have at least 30 saved up for the bus out of there.

Well I'm signing off for now catch you all later and have a good day or night wherever you are

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