Thursday, July 11, 2013

And another day in Butte.

Will in a debate at the moment. Do I hit the highway or wait for the folk music fest this weekend. It's a toss up at the moment though. Cops here are fearing 10,000 rainbow hippies are going to show up even though most went west already to other festivals in Oregon and Washington. Despite that cops are being dicks to anyone that looks like a street kid (backpack, dirty clothes, et al) regardlessly of if they are rainbow or not. Either way though it has been fun here. Day 3 and maybe be here another 2 so that makes 5 days in Butte. On the other side of the coin though i have made many new acquaintances out here and all have been super kind. But hey ever since I first started journeying hitching 13 years ago I have always heard it said that the streets look out for each other, the elderly, and children. Some of the best parents I have meet out here are dirty dready kids. Well that's it as far as I know today so this is Stiks signing out for now.
Later all

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