Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Morning all

Morning all. Slept near the highway last night after a drunk dude tried to start a fight with me thinking i was someone else. I Really am getting tired of stupid drunks but he figured out with help I wasn't the kid he was looking for. Highway was pretty far of a walk from where he was so as to make sure i didn't get bothered in the night. Overall pretty good so far though. Had a nice couple ask about my travels then kick me a 20 for breakfast so double happy there. Now just to find a ride out of this town.

The gathering was great. Not as big as 13 years ago in 2000 but still decent sized. A lot more agro dramas though due to a change in attending generations. Now it is becoming less hippy and more gutter street punk. I miss the hippies was way more fun and enjoyable.

Met an awesome Utah kitchen while i was there. They were a great set of folks at the "Way Station Cafe" can't wait to get in touch with them again someday.

Well that's all for now off to get food and smokes then back to the highway I think.

Lovin you all friends and fans
Hitching Stiks

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