Friday, June 21, 2013

Long but interesting trip. (Montana now)

Well right as i got in south Dakota after my last posting my cell service became non existent. Made it through no problems was kind of fun. Tell you this anyone who said busking (street performing) isn't work hasn't done it for 4 days straight just to keep moving.
Me and my ride (All Bright, his street name) are now in Bozeman Montana. Man this town is full of street kids, mostly rainbows heading to the gathering. But we are now part of a caravan heading into the gathering later today. It is as normal for a street crew a very eccentric bunch. Nice though to have all the good vibes around.

So soon I won't be near anything that gives an electronic signal out past Jackson Montana near the Idaho border so it will be about a month before i can post again. But when I do get back to the electric world oh yeah big dump of information and lots more pictures to be posted.

Here is a picture dump of South Dakota an Montana from after i lost signal though. Enjoy the beautiful sights.


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