Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back in the fort

So my phone started acting up on my way back. after i got out of Illinois (15 miles outside) got stuck at Veedersburg exit over night and the weather dumped on me getting a lot of my stuff wet (not the reason my phone died). ended up sleeping right by the restricted access sign right by the on-ramp with no issues besides being cold. Glad i had some clothes in the middle up my packs that stayed dry. next morning after a couple hours sitting there i ended up saying screw it and walking on down the highway. Made it about 4-5 miles before getting my next ride to a decent exit with truck stop and stuff. got a quick ride from there to I465N/C'ville split. that area of 465 sucks by the way for hitching. walked another mile of so before the next ride i got. That ride ended up taking me to a decent exit on I69 that i had spent a short time at on the way down to Danville Ill. spent most the day there till right before dark when my next ride was heading right by the exit i needed here in fort wayne. I swear i get some of the luckiest rides at times.

Timing Fort Wayne to Danville - Approx 48 hours
Timing Danville to Fort Wayne - Approx 35 Hours

Not bad if i say so myself. Only major thing i will miss in Danville is my daughter but glad she can keep in touch now and that the abusive piece of crap is no longer in her of my baby mommas life (took way to long to get rid of him). the walking toilet come to find out even slapped my child. Only found that out the last few days there after he was already served the Emergency Order of Protection and forced to stay away. If i had known sooner I would have been in jail for sure.

But anyways i am back in my hometown now doing a small quick restock before heading out again. me and Ixel will be back out there here soon and keeping you all updated on our journey.

Till Later

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