Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wet night

So last night was wet. i mean wet. first spot i had set up earlier at (bout a week ago) when it had rain didn't work so well last night. instead of the water running to the drain where it did last time it decided to puddle right under me. so my sleeping bag is soaked through for now. that's what i get for using a USMC wet tarp as a top cover and not have an under layer. That's ok though since it is winter i had 2 dry blankets still in my pack and found a dry spot next to the aquarium that I slept at least half way decent at. 2 middle of the night wake ups instead of my normal 1. One around midnight due to part of the blanket coming off my backside (i either lay dead still or move quite a bit) and a cold breeze chilling me awake, and then my normal wake up around 3-3:30 just cause its my natural cycle outside. of course this morning woke up around 6am and now sitting in Top Pot drinking my morning coffee (saved enough for it last night :) ). Hope you all are doing well And i would like to hear from some of you on here. i see the views but no comments still. Well have a good one all.

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