Thursday, July 3, 2014

So about Busking fire

So every time I go out and do my thing I always get asked "can you do that on fire?".
The answer to this question is yes I can, however i don't have the materials at current to make a fire set and i can not do it in public spaces without a permit and extra Fire safety gear (fire extinguishers, fire dept. on hand, et al). Private parties/property However i am allowed to spin fire with no restrictions.

The materials part isn't to hard to Obtain as i found a site that sells just what i need. What i need is approx 10ft of 2 inch wide Kevlar/Fiberglass Wick and a spool of Kevlar thread, as well as fuel. The Kevlar wick and thread I have found at (not paid to promote I post that on my own)and overall should cost around $35 or so. $1.70 per ft of the wick ($17) and $10 for spool of kevlar thread plus shipping.

so there you go and hey maybe one of you might want to help me get the materials to spin fire and i can possibly come do a Private Party or just come entertain you.

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