Friday, October 11, 2013

How is everyone

Hey all. still here doing the housie thing. not much has changed. man i can't wit to get back out on the road again. this housie life is to cramped for me. But hey still alive and breathing so there's still the chance to get back out there. hoping to find something to do while I'm here besides the same ole same old. one thing i am definitely still working on is getting a vehicle, preferably a motorcycle even if i can't use it in the winter. also soon will be looking for possible gear sponsors for my next trip this coming year. even if what i ahve is good gear would like to find something lighter or more convenient than what I had my last trip out. Although if i have a vehicle that isn't as much of a problem. Either way still cant wait. Well thank you all for following me so far and spread the word of my blog if you would the more i have reading the better and i still will not use the google ads to try and make money even though I could, just wouldn't be fair to you all out there.

Well have fun and take care. feel free to contact me any time in the FB chat section below or at my facebook side of this blog would love to hear opinions and anything in general from you all.

Peace and Love all

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